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The FREE 5-Day

Confident Communication Challenge



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At Awen Coaching we're on a mission to help entrepreneurs and high performing business and non-profit professionals realize their full communication potential. If you, like so many others, struggle to feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups (or even just a small room full of people!), we encourage you to join us for this challenge. Being a confident and effective speaker isn't some innate talent that we're born with. Communication skills, like any other skills, are things that we learn and that we need to practice in order to get better. This challenge is designed to do just that: help you get better by helping you conquer the nerves that are holding you back. And, as if that weren't enough, we'll be giving away awesome daily prizes and an incredible grand prize, as well! So ...

Join the FREE 5-Day CONQUER YOUR NERVES challenge and get:

5 Days of Training

Guided Excercises


GREAT Prizes!

Each day you will receive a brief video where lead coach Seth Donlin will demonstrate a technique proven to reduce nervousness and then explain the underlying science.

Put what you learn into action and finish the challenge with a tool bag of science-tested techniques to reduce stress and increase your ability to communicate with confidence.

On Wednesday, Seth will answer all your questions LIVE, giving the group the opportunity to delve into individual challenges and solutions in greater depth.

Get entered into drawings for awesome daily prizes and a super-valuable GRAND PRIZE just by completing the short assignments and posting them to our Facebook group.

Each day's challenge is designed to be both educational and fun!

DAY 1 (Sep. 28): Learn breathing techniques that help achieve a calm, focused state.

DAY 2 (Sep. 29): Explore Power Posing and feel like a super hero or Olympic medalist.

DAY 3 (Sep. 30): Discover how your "exit" song can help you own the room.

DAY 4 (Oct. 01): Remember something you knew as a child: the power of make believe.

DAY 5 (Oct. 02): Uncover the mind's incredible ability to create your desired reality.

You’ll get a training video and brief activity on each of the five days. (Reserve about 20 minutes a day.) PLUS each day, Seth will draw a very cool prize from among the challenge participants who completed that day's assignment. We can't wait for you to join us!

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About Your Host

Interpersonal and strategic communications expert Seth McM. Donlin helps entrepreneurs and high performing business and non-profit professionals improve their communication and leadership skills. A longtime student of the martial arts, a fan of mud runs and obstacle racing, a lover of books, video games and the Boston Red Sox, Seth lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and young daughter, who he is raising to one day be President of the United States … or owner of a really authentic Irish Pub. Either would be fine with him.